Terrazzo Floor Refinished

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  • polished-terrazzo


With over 40,000 students, NYU's campus buildings such as this cafeteria, are subject to heavy traffic and use. The cafeteria's terrazzo floors had been covered for years with carpeting. Dirt and grit trapped under the carpet caused thin scratches all over the surface of the stone. Between this and the carpet glue, the terrazzo was barely distinguishable from an old concrete floor.


Terrazzo restoration involves the same processes used in natural stone restoration: grinding, honing, and polishing.

We scraped the terrazzo to remove the worst of the glue residue and then ground the floor to remove what glue remained. Grinding the floor took a fine layer from the surface of the terrazzo, essentially erasing the scratches and signs of wear. Then, we honed and polished the floor to the beautiful shine you see in the AFTER images.

Now the space has a clean, inviting appearance. For more information, visit our Terrazzo service page. You may also enjoy viewing this short video.

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