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At Rockland Stone Restoration, we are floor and surface care experts. From marble, granite, travertine, and other natural stone, to all kinds of tile and grout, to terrazzo, to concrete, we know what it takes to make your surfaces look sensational. Whether you are looking to restore shine to a now-dull marble floor or vanity, repair chips and cracks in your granite countertops, resolve uneven floors (remove lippage), enhance the color of your slate or travertine, deep clean and seal your terrazzo or tile and grout, or polish up that boring concrete, you can trust Rockland Stone Restoration to deliver high-quality results.

Green and white polished marble floor


Restoring the timeless elegance of your marble...

Marble that has become dull and damaged will need professional services to restore its natural beauty and keep it looking its best. At Rockland Stone Restoration, we know what it takes to make your marble surfaces look sensational. If your marble is dirty or dull-looking, scratched, etched, cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged, don’t replace it! See what our cleaning, polishing, restoration and protection services can do for your marble.

honed limestone vanity in a residential bathroom


Breathing new life into your limestone floors and surfaces...

Some limestones are harder than others, but even the tough guys in the limestone family are really rather sensitive. Limestone is a calcium based stone and can become damaged (etched) by acidic substances. It is susceptible to scratching from tracked in grit, and dulling from grime and wear. Fortunately, we are expert at dealing with these sensitive types. If your limestone needs some perking up due to dullness, scratches, etching, cracks, chips or other damage, we can get it tip-top in no time.

filled travertine walls floor and tub surround


Achieving the look you want for your travertine...

Travertine adds unique appeal to any space, from rough and ready rustic to welcoming old world charm or stunning high-polished elegance. This versatile stone has naturally occurring holes throughout, resulting in two distinct options to choose from — filled and unfilled. When your travertine baths, showers, floors, lobbies, entries, walls, or other surfaces need to be deep-cleaned, sealed, filled, honed, polished or repaired, our expert technicians can provide these services.

polished granite kitchen island countertop


Cleaning, sealing, and rejuvenating your granite...

Granite, one of the world’s hardest materials, is a stone of choice for kitchen countertops, not only because it is gorgeous, but because it is resistant to most acids, very durable, and easy to maintain. Rugged and resilient, granite requires specialized knowledge and equipment to restore when chips, cracks, stains or other damage take a toll. We understand granite’s unyielding personality and have the right tools and techniques to get it looking its absolute best once more.

polished onyx hotel reception desk


Delivering superior care so your onyx always looks fantastic...

Onyx, a form of marble, is a truly stunning stone known for its incredibly rich colors and luminosity. But this uniquely elegant stone is not immune to etching, wear patterns, scratches, dullness and other problems. Our expert technicians can clean, seal, hone, polish and restore your onyx countertops, furniture tops, walls, floors and other surfaces to top condition, making you say WOW! all over again.

honed slate residential or commercial exterior walkway


Making your slate floors look and feel just right...

Thick layers of soap residue, waxes, and finishes can camouflage the distinct colors and untamed beauty of your slate floors. Our highly qualified technicians can remove this barrier to reveal the naturally stunning floor underneath. We can resolve any other problems associated with slate, such as chipping or scratches, and use color enhancing or topical coating sealers to achieve the finish you desire. Indoors or out, commercial or residential, your beautiful slate surfaces are in good hands.

Terrazzo floor after restoration


Restoring naturally so you can say goodbye to stripping and waxing...

Our expert terrazzo restoration services can give your terrazzo a natural polish that, when properly maintained, continually looks beautiful and new with minimal effort. We can eliminate the need for topical wax, acrylic or other coatings that have to be completely removed and replaced as often as every three months in order for the floor to remain presentable. Our expert technician know how to bring out the innate beauty of your terrazzo floors and surfaces and allow them to shine.

Polished concrete floor


Providing polished performance...

Concrete is durable. Practical. Cost-effective. But did you know concrete has a beautiful side as well? If your concrete walkway or entrance is chipped, stained, or cracked, if your garage floor is oil-stained, gray, and boring, or if the concrete floor in your commercial, retail, or industrial facility looks gloomy, unprofessional, and unwelcoming, we have good news. Our master artisans can transform your dull and dirty concrete into an easy-to-maintain, honed or polished masterpiece.

Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing

Tile and Grout

Triumphing over dirty grout lines with power cleaning, sealing, and more...

Dirty tile and grout lines can really detract from the overall appearance of your home or business. Our power cleaning systems flush out dirt, grime, bacteria, allergens, and other contaminants that collect in porous surfaces. We provide expert interior and exterior cleaning, sealing, and color sealing services for showers, floors, countertops, and more.


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Caring for your stone and tile

We make it a point to educate our customers. Did you know that improper cleaning is a common reason stone restoration is needed? Visit our Caring For It page to see our recommended care products and download our free Stone and Tile Care Guide.


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