Fireplace Surround Stains Removed

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This marble fireplace mantel and surround was special ordered from Italy by Manhattan homeowners. The contractor responsible for installing the tiles saw that during shipping the pieces had become discolored with rust and oxidation, so he called Rockland Stone Restoration and brought all the pieces to our shop.


To remove the unwanted color, we mixed and applied a poultice to draw out the oxidation. We wrapped the poultice-covered pieces in plastic with just enough ventilation to allow the moisture in the poultice to slowly evaporate. After the poultice was completely dry, we carefully scraped the excess poultice off and cleaned the marble with an industrial strength, stone-safe solution.

Then, we honed the flat surfaces and used neutral cleaner and antiquing brushes to remove the slurry (a mixture of dust from the marble and water created during the honing process).

Our final step was to apply a marble sealer to inhibit future oxidation. The owners were very pleased with the outcome. To learn more about natural stone restoration, view this short video.

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