Marble Floor Polish, Crack Repair

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Slab movement had caused a hairline crack across the center of this floor. The crack didn't really pose a threat, but it diminished the appearance of the entire floor.

In addition, the homeowners wanted the floor to look more like one magnificent slab of marble instead of separate tiles.


First, we used a special drilling tool to slightly enlarge the crack to prepare it for proper adhesion with an epoxy filler. After we cleaned the dust and dirt from the crack, we allowed it to dry completely.

Then we mixed epoxy with tint to match the surrounding marble. We used the epoxy to fill the crack, virtually erasing it.

After the epoxy dried, we ground the tiles down until they were level with the grout lines, giving the floor the look the homeowners wanted. Our marble honing and polishing process achieved a smooth, glass-like shine.

As you can see the results were impressive. Mission accomplished! To learn more about marble and other natural stone restoration, watch this short video.

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