Travertine 3-D Effect Restored


This newly installed travertine hallway floor was supposed to have a striking and elegant 3-D effect. The tiles were shipped from Italy, and the owners had a specific vision for their hallway. However, due to improper restoration (not by us, by another contractor), the joints, or space between the tiles, were too prominent. In addition, the tiles were not evenly set, with some tiles higher or lower than adjacent tiles. In the stone and tile industry, this problem is called lippage and the first image demonstrates how unsightly it can be.


Our technicians are highly trained in the restoration of all natural stone floors and have a wealth of experience resolving problems with both travertine and botched stone installations in general.

First, we filled the joints with tinted epoxy to give the floor a solid, monolithic appearance. Then it was time for the lippage removal. We ground the tiles down until they were even with one another, as you can see in the second image.

Finally, we honed and lightly polished the floor to reveal the true beauty of the stone. Notice the way the light plays off the variety of colors in the final image? The 3-D effect was complete and the homeowners were very pleased.

To learn more about travertine restoration, visit our Travertine page.

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