Natural Stone Refinishing Options

A Change of Pace Without Having To Replace

So, you’ve really enjoyed those amazing highly polished, sleekly modern-looking granite countertops, but now you’re in a more old-world mood and they just don’t match the look you’re going for? Those rustic, unfilled travertine floors went great with the laid-back, lived in look your home had while the kids were growing up, but now that they’re gone you’re yearning for a more polished elegance? And yet… what a shame to have to replace it all!

Here’s the good news – you don’t have to! If you need a change of pace, why not consider having your stone refinished instead?

The Versatility of Stone

Natural stone is incredibly versatile and the exact same stone can offer a variety of different looks depending upon how it is treated. Standard finishes include highly polished, honed (a matte or satin finish) and varying degrees in between. There are many antique and decorator finish options as well. Your stone restoration professional will be happy to educate you on the options available for your specific stone type and surface.

Polished to Honed... or Something Truly Unique

Let’s look at the granite countertop mentioned above for a moment. The modern high-polish finish can easily be changed to a satiny finish that provides a more subdued and weathered look, reminiscent of an elegant country farmhouse. Or perhaps a semi-gloss or an antiqued leather-look finish would suit your needs. There are so many possibilities to consider.

Matte to Glossy

What about that lived in travertine floor? Travertine actually has a few additional options due to the way the stone forms – it has natural holes throughout. It comes in filled and unfilled. The holes in that unfilled travertine can be filled creating a smooth, marble-like appearance. You can even choose the color of the filler used to match, contrast or accent. Polished to a glass-like shine and you have a very elegant result. This high polish can be achieved on most natural stone types, regardless of the finish it started with.


Maybe you have slate, flagstone or other surfaces with subtle coloring that you wish was more vibrant. These can often be beautifully brightened with the application of color enhancing sealers. Some sealers will even produce a perpetually wet-look for pavers and hardscapes.

So, you can see that changing it up doesn’t have to mean tearing it out. Now that you know you have options, don’t hesitate to contact your restoration expert to get all the details.

This is one of a series of articles written and published  on behalf of Stone and Tile PRO Partners.